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Castle for Sale Normandy France Des Deux Amants

International Properties For Sale / For Rent

Reza Namazi, President and CEO of Namazi Real Estate, is an Expert in Residential and Commercial Property Sales and Rentals.

Reza worked with first-time buyers to foreign investors from around the world, and has a good sense of his diverse clientele’s needs. He has also traveled all over, so relates well to people and understands the unique needs and perspectives of different cultures. 

Namazi Real Estate offers a
Classic and Luxurious Rental and Sale Experience.

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France, Normandy

Castle of the Two Lovers

Château des Deux Amants

Amfreville sous les Monts
Normandy – France

Italy - Puglia For Sale / For Rent

For Rent / For Sale

Puglia – Italy

Best Deals in the Apulian countryside and near the Adriatic and Ionian coasts.

Netherlands For Sale / For Rent

For Rent / For Sale


Best Deals in The Hague and Amsterdam. Properties For Rent / For Sale.


As an Expert in Residential and Commercial Property Sales and Rentals, Reza Namazi, CEO of Namazi Real Estates, is in the “game” for almost 30 years.

Complementing his well-rounded Expertise is his keen Sense of Beauty, Style, Space and its Potential. “I pride myself at being very good at envisioning what my customers are looking for, finding the right fit, even presenting them with options they may have not considered.”

Reza always thinks out of the box and is very creative about different solutions for his clients, all of whom have enjoyed tremendous return on their investments. He is also an excellent negotiator and deal maker who believes that “there are solutions, not obstacles, in all transactions.” 

Reza Namazi President & CEO

Licensed Real Estate Broker

132-138 Mulberry Street, Suit 3A 
New York, NYC 10013
+1 305 965 3404